• It is of great importance to ensure that the CPAP machine is not contaminated and having some germs. It is crucial that the patient using the device is further protected from further illnesses by keeping the device clean. It is much easier to achieve this by using a CPAP cleaner. There are...
      It is important for you to know that about 25 million people in the country actually suffer from OSA or Obstructive Sleep Apnea. But recent research shows that there are only 60% of those people that are using a CPAP machine each night. It can be challenging to adapt to a CPAP therapy but it is...
    We are always surrounded by germs, even if we do not see them. We are normally wrong to imagine that the surfaces in our homes are as clean as we would like to imagine. This is what happens with your CPAP equipment. These microscopic organisms and dirt shall start to cover it soon after you have...
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